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Support Imports and Exports between Japan and SEA

With our extensive network, we can help you to introduce and sell Japanese products to South East Asia and South East Asian products to Japan. We cover not only import and export, but also cross-border EC and digital marketing.

Support Operating E-commerce

We import Japanese health products ourselves and sell them in Singapore through our own online shop. Likewise we support import sales from Japan including Lazada and Shopee as well as export sales from South East Asia to Japan.

Consumer Market Research

In order to sell your products abroad, it is essential to get to know the local consumers. We have many years of consumer research experience in Japan. We can provide you with research to identify the key factors that will help you penetrate the market for your products in Japan and South East Asia.

Sales Support

In the age of the “New Normal”, it is no longer easy to go on a business trip abroad. We represent Japanese companies as their point of contact for South East Asian companies, particularly in Singapore.

We can also help you set up online business meetings with Japanese companies of your choice.

Support Marketing Operations

In order to be successful in foreign consumer markets, it is essential to have a solid marketing strategy. With our 125 years of experience in the consumer market, our marketing know-how and our extensive network, we can offer you a plan that meets all your needs.

✓Creating Your Own Brands

✓SNS/Influencer Marketing


✓Sales Promotion/Event

Support Developing Products

In order to sell a product abroad, it must be reformulated or developed to suit the characteristics of that market.
We engage in dialogue with consumer monitors and help you to develop products that suit the local market.

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